Friday, June 19, 2009

Shibaura Institute of Technology Writing 1A: Students write about their special places Part 2

Here are some more paragraphs about special places written by Shibaura Institute of Technology students. Enjoy.

Shunsuke's special place

Next to my high school there was a McDonald's. One day when I was a student, my friends and I were hungry and bored after school. We thought that we would buy 100 hamburgers from McDonald's, because we wanted to make a funny story. We paid ten thousand yen and started to eat the hamburgers. Thirty minutes later, many people surrounded us and took pictures. The clerk cheered us on, but finally we could not eat all the hamburgers. I was impossible for only five people to eat a hundred hamburgers.
Shunsuke K.

Katsunori's special place

Near my house, there is a public park. One holiday when I was an elementary school student, some of my friends and I looked for a good place to play baseball. I said to my friends, “There is a park near my house. That is a nice place for baseball.” So we went to that park, and started playing baseball. I was not good at playing baseball then, so I had no hits. When I fielded as an outfielder, one of my friends hit the ball to my position, but I lost sight of the flying ball because the day was a very fine day, and the sun was shining brightly. When I was looking up in the sky, the ball fell and hit me on my head! My friends laughed and said, “You got a different “hit”!”

Kousuke's special place

My special place is my school-road. When I was a high school student, I found four cats. I took them to my house. I wanted to keep them but I could not. One of them had a sickness. I took it to an animal hospital. I consulted the doctor about what I should do. He was very kind. He took care of them. I was very happy but I was sad because I wanted to keep them. They were very cute but I decided to say good-bay. One day, I had a telephone call. They got an owner that would take care of them. I was very happy. I want to see them again.
Kousuke T.

Yuta's special place

There is a small park near a house. I played soccer there with a friend when I was a primary school child. My friend kicked the ball into the rice field next to the park. I told this to the old man in the farmhouse and apologized, I got the ball with a stick from a tall tree. I gradually made friends with the old man after a while. I talked to him. I still meet him in the neighborhood and get along well with the old man
Yuta N.

Kouki's special place

Next to my home was a small hut. One day when I was a high school student, I played with my friend in front of this hut. I wanted to climb on the roof of this hut. When I was able to achieve this goal, I felt supremely satisfied, but I soon noticed a problem. I asked myself, “How do I get down from here.” There weren't any stairs or a ladder. I couldn’t get down from there. The only solution was to jump off the roof. However, this hut was about 2.5 meters tall. I felt fear. Time was getting on, and eventually it was night, and a noisy crowd gathered around the hut. I was impatient about this. I finally took courage, and I jumped off. I hurt my foot at that moment, but I healed soon. This incident became a lesson. I shouldn’t take a thoughtless risk.
Kouki H.

Toyo Gakuen University students have written about their special places too! You can see writing by student's in Sarah Louisa Birchley's class here: English Elective Writing 9A/9B
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