Saturday, March 29, 2008

Food in Vientiane, Laos

The food in Laos is very delicious and very cheap. It is possible to get a meal in Laos for as little as ¥20. I usually paid about ¥200 for my meals in Laos.

Barbeque is a traditional form of Lao cooking. I ate Lao barbeque at a restaurant near the Mekong River. The fish was the most delcious.

The picture above is of another traditional Lao dish called Lao laap. Lao laap is served with sticky rice. Sticky rice is similar to mochigome (餅米).

This is another dish made with fish. The fish was cooked with coconut milk and served in a banana leaf. It tastes like Thai food. It's very delicious.

Here's another fish dish. I like fish very much. Laos is not neat the sea. So, most of the fish that Laotians eat is river fish and lake fish.

This is a Lao salad.

There are some Vietnamese restaurants in Laos too. The picture above is of some spring rolls I ate. The spring rolls are served with noodles and greens. This very big meal cost only ¥200.

Laos used to be a French colony so there are many French restaurants in Laos. The picture above is a picture of the meal I ate at a French restaurant. It's buffalo (水牛肉) with a creme sauce.


  1. Yasuyuki.T12:04 pm

    I have felt hungry when I watched a photograph
    So I wanted to eat very much

  2. Minami12:04 pm

    Foods is look very beautiful.
    I want to eat this foods!
    Building is colorful.
    There are do sightseeing place here.

  3. kyohei.s12:06 pm

    Lao salad looks very delicious.
    Buddhas is looks very mystery.

  4. Juri M.4:26 pm

    All dishes were savory.
    The first fish dish was especially savory.
    I thought that it wanted to do BBQ.