Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Congratulations Kanto International High School Students !!

On the first of March, the graduation ceremony (卒業式) was held at Kanto International High School. In Canada a graduation ceremony is called convocation. The graduation ceremony at Kanto International High School was a special day for me because some of the graduates were students that I taught. Look at the picture below. This is a picture of me teaching the Study Abroad Class of 2008 at Kanto International High School's special campus in Katsuura, Chiba. Oh my! I look very fat in this picture! We could dress casually for these lessons. Usually I wore a suit and tie and the students wore school uniforms.

Look at the picture below. It's a picture of me with Kurobane-sensei. Kurobane-sensei is the Director of the University Study Abroad programme at Kanto International high school. The Study Abroad Class of 2008 gave us a present. My present was a beautiful collage.

The Study Abroad Class of 2008 is the second graduating class in the University Study Abroad programme. Now about fifty students have completed the programme. About fifty percent applied to universities overseas. All were accepted. At present, Kanto International High School graduates are studying in the UK (The University of Wales at Aberystwyth, Sterling University, Southampton Solent University), Australia, and the United States. Next September, Kanto graduates will start studying at universities in the UK (Aberystwyth, Sterling, Bournemouth, Roehampton), Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and Canada (the University of Alberta).
Of course, next month, some Kanto International High School students will start studying at universities in Japan including Sophia, Waseda, Hosei and my alma mater (母校) Temple University Japan. Temple University is an American university. The main campus is in Philadelphia. The picture below is a picture of me at my Temple University Japan graduation ceremony. A graduation ceremony in the United States is called a commencement.

I hope that some Kanto International High School alumni (卒業生たち) will become my students at Toyo Gakuen University. I taught a Kanto International High School alumnus last year. It was great!

Congratulations to all and best of luck at university!


  1. Mr. Stout,

    Thank you for posting about our graduation ceremony!
    Also, thank you for coming to Kanto last Saturday.
    You were so wonderful teacher for us to lead into many kinds of universities.
    You're awesome teacher!!

  2. Hi Mr Stout

    Thank you for coming to our graduation ceremonyy!
    I was happy that I could meet you:D
    but I was badly crying too much that I couldn't even talk with you! haha (SORRYYY)
    hope my school life in university will be wonderful!:D
    see you soon;)

  3. Hello!!!
    This is Ayana :D

    Thank you for comin our ceremony!I really grad to see you XD
    Thank you for your kindness wich you had done for us!!

    I never forget you such a wonderful teacher! so, plz do not forget us too XD