Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Adventures in Japan Part 4: Hiroshima

I went to Hiroshima. I went to Hiroshima in order to take a course at David English House. I learned how to teach English to Japanese children. I stayed in Hiroshima for one week.

As you can see from the map above, Hiroshima is quite far away from Tokyo, so I took the Nozomi Shinkansen. I was very exciting. I had never travelled at 300 km per hour before.

When I arrived in Hiroshima I took a street car to David English House. Hiroshima is one of the few places in Japan that has street cars. I like street cars. My hometown, Toronto, is famous for street cars too.

When I had free time I went sight seeing. The Peace Memorial Park was across the street from my hotel. I also visited the Peace Memorial Museum.

Hiroshima's famous food is okonomiyaki. There is a great place in Hiroshima called Okonomiyaki-mura. Okonomiyaki-mura is Okonomiyaki Town in English. I love Okonomiyaki. It is one of my favourite kinds of Japanese food. There are many kinds of okonomiyaki. My favourite is Hiroshima style. I ate okonomiyaki four times when I was in Hiroshima.

Photo taken by Shagadelicbabe on 2006-3-24

On my last day in Hiroshima I went to Miyajima. Miyajima means "shrine island". The actual name of of the island is Itsukushishima. The shrine at Itsukushishima is a World Heritage Site. It's most famous for its torii. When I went to Miyajima the torii had been damaged by a typhoon, so it was under repair.

This is what the torii looks like when it is in a good condition. It's very beautiful, isn't it?

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