Monday, September 24, 2007


I went fishing yesterday. I went fishing with my friend Mr. Ibrahim. Mr. Ibrahim is a teacher at Kanto International High School. Mr. Ibrahim teaches the first year Study Abroad Class. I used to teach the first year Study Abroad Class. Mr. Ibrahim loves fishing. So, I went fishing with him.
We went fishing in Sagami-wan (相模湾). "Sagami-wan" is Sagami Bay in English. Sagami Bay is a great place to fish for Japanese mackerel (さば) because the Black Current (黒潮) flows through Sagami Bay. Japanese mackerel swim in the Black Current.  

We went to Hiratsuka (平塚市). HIratsuka is a city on Sagami Bay. In Hiratsuka we joined a three hour fishing trip. I rented a fishing rod from the shop in the picture below.

We fished from a boat called the Asa Hachi Maru. There were many other people on the boat. It was crowded.

I was lucky. I caught a fish. As you can see, I was very happy to catch the fish. Mackerel is my favourite fish. It is very delicious. Tonight I am going to have grilled mackerel for dinner. I'm looking forward to it.

Do you like fishing? Do you like eating fish? What's your favourite kind of fish? Do you like sushi? What's your favourite kind of sushi? Please leave a comment?


  1. Ayana.S8:07 pm

    I enjoyed your blog. Also, I've never tryed fishing... BUT!!! I LOVE EATING fish!!!!!!!

    anyway, I just can't wait to see you again on this blog^^

    See you later!!


  2. hi, mr.stout:)
    its wonderful that you had good time with a new Kanto teacher!
    well then, my favorite sushi is SALMON! i really like it and so, i order several times to make fresh one to 'ITAMAE' when i visit sushi bar in JP.

  3. Lisa I.10:57 pm

    Hi Mr. Stout!
    Long time no see!! I miss you...

    Anyway, I started my part time job at sushi shop, so I see many fish every time I work there. So I am bored seeing fish!
    However, I never dislike eating fish!lol
    My favourite is salmon because it has many ways to eat. I really like it and I want to eat it everyday!

    See you again!

  4. Chika.K10:14 pm

    Hi, Mr.Stout!!
    iCuanto Tiempo!(=long time no see!)

    I know Mr.Ibrahim because I've watched Shakespear play together. and you were there too!!^^

    btw, I LOVE Sushi verrrrrry much!!!
    especially, Tuna!!XD soooo delicious!

    I haven't gone fishing for a long time...but I know that is really exciting!!because I often used to go fishing with my family when I was a child^^

  5. I love fish!! However, I've never gone to fishing... My favorite sushi is lean tuna. Also, I love to eat salmon for breakfast with rice and miso soup!!

  6. Hi,Me.Stout:)

    How are you?
    sorry that I didn't comment on your blog for a long time!
    my computer has broken:(

    anyways,,,I really enjoyed reading this blog!
    and Mr.Ibrahim!!!!
    He is really nice teacher;)
    He is one of my favorite teacher!haha(and you:p)
    anyways, I didn't know that you and Me.Ibrahim is a good friend!:)

    by the way, I don't like fish:(
    I don't like the smell of fishy...:(

  7. Thank you everyone for your comments. I miss you too and I agree that Mr. Ibrahim is a good man. I'm glad you like him.
    I hope my current students start to participate as actively on this blog as my Kanto students.

    BTW 3 Kaede students, don't forget to tell me which universities you've applied too.
    Good Luck!!

  8. juri.M4:22 pm

    It fished.
    The first photograph where the teacher had the fish was impressive.
    The sea is becoming empty.