Sunday, July 22, 2007

Shibaura Institute of Technology Global Issues 1
Make-up Assignment

This is an assignment for students unable to sit the final exam. Watch the video and do the tasks on the task sheet given to you. You must submit your work by 28 July 2007. Enjoy!

This video was made by Paul Carr for his podcast ESLpodTV. Below is Paul's introduction to this video:
  • Topic: students talking about the meaning of ‘home’ (家にはどんな意味があるのかについて話合います)
  • Level: beginner (初級)
  • Language: listening (聞く)

This is a supplementary beginner lesson on the topic of the meaning of the word ‘home’. Watch and listen as a group of students talk about what they think the word home means. . Enjoy the show!


There are some useful words and expressions to learn below. More are in the text.

abroad - another country, not your own

support - to help and assist someone

discriminate - to judge someone based on color, race, sex, height etc.

treasure - someone or something very important to you

accept - agree with or understand another’s ideas or feelings

For Japanese and Spanish translations please go to transcript. ( せりふの訳はこのページです)

In April another video about "home" was posted on this blog. Check it out again!

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