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Shibaura Institute of Technology Global Issues 1 Assignment 1

The students in the Global Issues 1 class at Shibaura Institute of Technology did a great job on their first assignment. The assignment came from their textbook, Identity by Joseph Shaules, Hiroko Tsujioka, and Miyuki Iida. Assignment 1 was a follow up to Unit 1: Identity and Unit 2: Values. Some of the students agreed to share their work. Some of the students' work is uncredited at their request. Some, but not much of the students' writing has been edited for grammar and clarity.


What is important to you?

I think that it is important to keep a promise. I think that it is necessary to keep a promise in order to build relationships of mutual trust with friends.

"My friends are important to me. I like the expression 'All for one and one for all'."

"How we dress is important to me. I think that our style of dress expresses our attitudes. For example, if we want to appear formal and serious we probably wont choose scruffy clothes. The point is that clothes make a bid impression on people." Shun N.

"Music is important to me. I belong to a brass band. In addition, I spend two hours getting to school so I pass the time listening to music. I think that music gives me energy and many ideas,". Seiya S.

What experiences have affected you?

"I belonged to baseball club. I devoted myself to club activities when I was a high school student. It made me strong, gentle and earnest."

"When I was a high school student I had an English teacher who gently admonished and encouraged me to work harder. I learned not only English but I also learned about the society that we live in. Thanks to my English teacher I continue to strive to achieve my dreams.
" Shun N.

"When I was in junior high school I thought the brass band club was a troublesome thing. I was the leader of the student council and some members of the student council were also members of the brass band club. I couldn't have meetings because of conflicts with brass band practice. So I hated the brass band club at that time. However, in high school, my friend dragged me to the brass band club. I tried some instruments and I discovered the joy of music. My life was changed. I'll always be grateful to my friend." Seiya S.

"I belonged to the tennis club in my high school days. It was hard for me to practice but this experience changed my way of thinking and I came to have goals." Yuto T.

What is your experience with cultural difference?

"University is a place that gathers all sorts of people together. Everybody has a variety of different ideas. I think this is wonderful and I want to meet all sorts of people." Yuto Tsunokake

Do you have a strong cultural identity?

"Yes I do. I think that Japan is a beautiful country and I love my hometown of Yokohama. I have studied Japanese calligraphy since I was six years old because my grandfather was a calligraphy instructor. I really like Japanese food and I especially love a set meal served on individual trays at a traditional Japanese dinner party." Shun N.

"No I don't. I think everybody has a variety of cultural identities. So, I don't have a strong cultural identity. Yuto T.
What similarities or differences do you have with your peers?

"I have always hated to lose. I can't stand that feeling. I wonder why my peers don't have a strong fighting spirit."

"Most of classmates are not self-centered people. Neither am I. I endeavor to improve relationships with my classmates. On the other hand, I try to do various new activities. For example, I participated in volunteer activities last year. These days I have been studying Korean. Maybe my peers haven't tried these things."
Shun N.

What career do you want to pursue and why?

"I want to pursue a career in space science. I want to do a big project. I want to believe in myself and test my strength."

Would you ever live in another country? Why or why not?

"Yes I would. As of yet I've had no chance to live abroad because of lack of time and money. If I can solve this problem I would like to study abroad."

What are some hidden and visible cultural differences?

Most Japanese think that "silence is golden". Therefore, when they have a problem they usually solve it without other people helping. They think that wanting help is annoying.

Time is a hidden cultural difference. People in some countries think that 5 minutes late is ok but people in other countries think that 30 minutes late is ok.
Ryo H.

Something I want to accomplish in the future

I have a big dream. I want to study space science. I like physics and I'm interested in space. I think space is strange and beautiful. I want to solve many of the mysteries of space. We are a lot smaller than space but we have unlimited possibilities. I sometimes wonder about the meaning of life. However, I don't want to know the answer. I want to feel happiness through symbiosis with many people. I want to study every field including: biology, history, math, and English. I don't think I can achieve my dream by studying just one field. Achieving my dream will be very hard but I won't give up because we have only one life. I want to do my best in life.

A Family member who changed my life

My grandfather changed my life. When I was a kindergartener, I was raised by him because my parents were both holding down jobs. About 10 years ago, I was not diligent. At that time my grandfather said to me, 'Think carefully now so you wont be sorry later!'. I Since then I have seriously followed my grandfather's example. Let me tell you about my grandfather. He is a man of iron will. He has strived to succeed and worked since his father died sixty-five years ago. When he was young his family was poor but now his family is rich thanks to his efforts. I want to lead a full life like him. I don't want to regret that I didn't do the things that I wanted to do. Shun N.

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