Sunday, June 24, 2007

Shibaura Institute of Technology Listening Comprehension Make-up homework for class absences (欠席)

This is a make-up assignment for students who were unable to attend class on 23 June 2007.
On 23 June we studied Units 10 and 13 from Listen In Book 1 by David Nunan. The topic in Unit 10 is how things work. The goals are understanding instructions (使用上注意) and following a sequence (連続). The topic in Unit 13 is ordering food in a restaurant. The goals are understanding food and drink orders and understanding and confirming reservations. Therefore, for your homework you will watch a video about making fish and chips. Fish and chips is a popular fast-food in England. Many university students enjoy eating fish and chips.

This video downloaded from VideoJug

The tasks for this video were written by Paul Carr for his video podcast ESLpodTV. On the ESLpodTV website Paul Carr wrote the following about this video lesson:
  • Topic: cooking - fish and chips (イギリスの伝統的な料理)
  • Level: intermediate (中級)
  • Language: listening (聞く)
There are some useful words and expressions to learn below. More are in the text.
pour - move liquid from one container to another

serve - give food to the people who will eat it
season - give flavor to food by adding salt, pepper etc.

fry - cook food in oil

flip - turn something onto its other side

For Japanese and Spanish translations please go to transcript. ( せりふの訳はこのページです)


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