Friday, June 22, 2007

Learning English and staying in shape
The special Ball Hockey class at Toyo Gakuen University

From left to right: Mr. Stout, Masumi, Kazumi, Satoko, Takahiro, and Taka

Facing Off

Masumi passes back to Taka

Rather unbelievably intercepted by Mr. Stout

She shoots! She scores!


  1. Masumi Kumasaka2:48 pm

    Hello! Mr stout.

    Everytime, I look forward to playing hockey game!

    I really like hockey, tokutoku class students(Satoko,Kazumi,Takahiro,and Taka)

    See you next time!
    Masumi Kuma

  2. Thanks for the comment Masumi.
    I really like our toku toku hockey class too. I like all the students very much too. It makes me very happy to see you all enjoy my favourite sport. You are all becoming very good hockey players too!!