Friday, December 08, 2006

Homelessness in Japan by Emiko Itai Study Abroad Class of 2008

1. What is the population of Japan?


2. How many people are homeless in Japan?


3. What is the cause of homelessness in Japan?

Many people lose their jobs and new jobs have been decreasing. So many people can’t find

4. What agencies are working in Japan to help the homeless?


This is The Big Issue’s logo

5. What are these agencies doing in order to help the homeless?

They make a job for the homeless. ‘BIG ISSUE’ is a magazine for homeless to buy. They get it for 90 yen from BIGISSUE JAPAN. Then, they sell it for 200yen. So they can get 110 yen.

6. What can we do to help the homeless in Japan?

There are two things we can do to help the homeless in JAPAN. First we can buy a BIG ISSUE. When we buy it we can learn some things about the world, and a homeless person can get money. These are both good reasons to buy the BIG ISSUE. Next, we shouldn’t do senseless things. For example we should eat everything every meal. We shouldn’t put food out in the garbage. This is a very rude thing to do when there are homeless people who can’t find a good meal. We can eat when we are hungry but they can’t eat anytime they want.

Finally, a picture of homeless people in JAPAN

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