Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Homelessness in Ethiopia by Lisa Ishii Study Abroad Class of 2008

I researched about Ethiopian homelessness. There are many homeless people and street children. However, nobody knows the truth because many Ethiopians sometimes become homeless but at other times, they are not homelessness. Some street children are homeless but others are not, they just work on the street. So it is difficult to count the real number of homeless people and street children.

In Nazareth, which is a town in south-eastern Ethiopia, there are 5,138 street children living there. The average age of a street child is 12.9 years old. 90% of them are boys and the other 10% are girls. About 50% of this town’s street children left their families before their 10th birthday. Most of them have jobs to keep them living.

Many agencies help Ethiopian homeless people and street children. For example, UNICEF helps street children to keep them healthy. It is an extremely important thing for them to keep helping homelessness and street children.

Statistics on Ethiopia

  • 50,000 to 60,000 street kids in the capital alone (Source: http://www.oneworld.net/)
  • 5,138 street children in Nazareth, a town in south-eastern Ethiopia
  • 4,626 (90%) were males
  • 512 (10%) were females
  • average age is 12.9
  • 312 (52.3%) of the children left their families before their tenth birthday.
  • 109 (18.3%) went to school at that time
  • 326 (54.6%) of the children had a house to sleep in at night
  • 271 (45.4%) were completely homeless.
  • 530 (88.8%) of the children had at least one of their parents alive.
  • Most of the street children have jobs to keep a living. Only 76 (12.7%) were found to be living on begging. (Source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/)

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