Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A place I like very much


  1. Why do U like this place very much?

    Cuz of SAKURA?


  2. Yes Rain, the cherry blossoms are one reason but I like Ukima Koen all year round. I especially like it at night. The lights around the pond look like the lights on docks around a lake in Ontario. The duck calls and the crickets and the lights and the water remind me of home. I like to sit alone by the pond at night and relax.

  3. I really like Ukima koen too!
    This is one of my favorite place that holds fond memories.
    I was lived at Ukima when I was a little child. I went to with my family so many times to play some sports.
    Yeah, I like the cherry blossoms. There Cherry blossoms are sooo beautiful. This place is famous in sakura namiki too!

    Love Marie

  4. Oh, that is Ukima park!! It is very beautiful!!

    I can see your blog now!!
    Thank you commented my blog.
    Have a nice holiday☆