Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Olympics

Now that the Olympics are on I think it ok to have a little national pride. I'll make a few posts about the great nation of Canada throughout the Olympics.


  1. I've no National pride.
    So I get start working on my story soon. I am more worried about national relationship with my friend.

    By the way I'll be banished for long time. Have nice time watching on Olympic.


  2. Hey Wazaboy,
    Friendship is the most important thing. Apart from hockey. Just kidding. No really, I would say that I didn't have any national pride until I lived overseas. My friends and family are the basis of any national pride that I have.
    National pride has a bad meaning in Japan because of the unfortunate events in history. National pride that is based on family and friends is ok. That kind of national pride doesn't mean,"We are better than you". National pride that is really nationl arrogence is indeed a bad thing and you are better off without it. Canadians are lucky in this regard. Canada isn't better at anything, except hockey. Most people don't care about hockey. Yeah Hey.