Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Integrated English 1 2013 Week 6: The Inverted Eagle Chapter 4 Review

Hello everyone!
Today we are going to review Chapter 4 and do the Chapter 4 quiz.
Look at the image above. The image is a mind map showing the suspects, their motives and their lies. Using information from the mind map, make notes in your Detectives Notebook.

Let's review some vocabulary from Chapter 4. Please click this link: Inverted Eagle Chapter 4.

Now look at the comments on the Week 5 lesson blog post. Who did the most students choose as the number one suspect? What were the reasons they gave for their choice?

Next week we will review Chapters 5 and six. We will also do the Chapters 5 and 6 quizzes. Please read Chapters 5 and 6. Please solve the puzzles. Also, don't forget to make good notes in your Detectives' Note Book.

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