Monday, April 15, 2013

Cross Cultural Awareness and English 2013 Semester 1 Week 1: Welcome

Hello everyone, welcome to the University of Tsukuba!
Today I'm going to introduce you to the course. Please click the link to download your Course Outline.
Well, as you saw from the course outline, we will be discussing love and marriage in various cultures this semester. Let's listen to a great song by Frank Sinatra called "Love and Marriage".

 As the song says, "Love and Marriage" go together like a horse and carriage. "Love" and "marriage", and "horse" and "carriage" are collocations. (コロケーション、語と語のつながり、語の配列、連語(法)、連語構成語) Can you think of any more collocations related to the topic of love and marriage? With your partner, please make a list.

Now, let's learn some vocabulary. Please click the link: Cross Cultural Awareness and English Vocabulary. Please study the flashcards for 5 minutes. 

Our first reading is about a marriage tradition in Botswana. Please look at the map below. Where is Botswana? The titles of our first reading is Brides for Sale. What do you think you will learn from the reading? Finally, please leave a comment. Do you think that marriage must include love? See you next week!

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