Monday, November 05, 2012

The University of Tsukuba CE Science and Maths C1 - Week 9

Bison skull pile
Hello everyone,
Today we are going to talk about endangered species. Some species become extinct naturally. For example, dinosaurs became extinct because of a natural disaster. However, some species become extinct because of human behaviour. Look at the picture on the left. Hundreds of Bison were killed in order to make this pile of skulls. The Bison nearly became extinct because of hunting in the 19th century.
Click the link to see a video showing endangered species.

Now let's study some vocabulary. Please click the link: CE Science and Math C1 Vocabulary.

Honshu Wolf
Look at the picture on the left. The Honshu wolf is extinct now. The Hokkaido wolf is extinct now too.
What do you think of buying products made from endangered species, for example: shamisen picks () and Japanese seals (はんこ) made of ivory? Please post a comment.

Don't forget, your final test is next week. Study hard!

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  1. Kyoko5:14 pm


    I think that buying products made from endangered species is not good situation.
    I guess many people don`t know what materials are used for their belonging and some peple prefer to buy the things which is made from the precious materials and the valuable things which are made from endangered animals.
    However, I think it helps some animals become extinct.
    I think human probably didn`t expect many animals have become extinct and are on the verge of extinction because of overfishing and overhunting.It`s too late to realize it,but we have to do something for animals.
    Life on the earth is made up of the ecological harmony.When it becomes disturbed,one day human will be in trouble.I think human have responsibility of find the resolution because human destroyed the environment on the earth.
    So we need to know there are many endangered animals because of human and how we can protect them.

    That`s it.

    See you next week!