Friday, December 09, 2011

Toyo Gakuen University Special Reading Lesson: Romeo and Juliet.


Today we will have a special reading lesson made by a great teacher in Thailand called Brian Boyd, also known as Grammarman. Brian has simplified a Classical Comics version of the romantic story Romeo and Juliet. Click the link to download a pdf version of the comic.

Read the comic and do the tasks on your worksheet.

After, post a comment. What do you think of the story Romeo and Juliet. Can you think of any stories like it? Can you name any examples of Shinju (心中) in Japanese literature. What do you think of these stories.


  1. Yuma I.12:06 pm

    I like Shakespeare's story.

    but,don't lead "Romeo and Juliet".
    I think ...
    this story is very "passtion story(?)s".
    I don't say "My love".

    They are sad it.
    to surprised.

    And very sad story. Not rewarded story.

  2. Nami.Y12:10 pm

    I think this story is good because it is easy reading.So I can learn vocabulary and example sentence.

  3. Kenta S12:10 pm

    I read this story before a few years. But very interesting, I can not think that make a like story,so I respect to shakespeare.

  4. Yuya.O12:11 pm

    I think Romeo and Juliet is sad story.
    Because they are true lovers, but
    if Juliet's parent know Romeo, Juliet's
    parent is murderer Romeo.
    In this way, selected Shinju Romeo and Juliet.

  5. Saori k12:11 pm

    I think that these stories is sed stories.

  6. Kanako F12:11 pm

    this story is sad. but it is a very good story.

  7. Natsumi12:13 pm

    I think so this story is very sad.
    Because ending was Romeo and Juliet to die.

    Japanese story is many Shinju. Shinju is form of one love. But it's form of sad love.

    I like happy story.

  8. Chiaki.U12:13 pm

    This story is very sad story.
    I don't like tragedy story.

  9. Kiyofumi F12:13 pm

    I don't like this story. Because this story is cheap. Love is by nature blind. I think that lover come back to me. But the story made sad to me.

  10. Leng Chandara12:15 pm

    After I red the story Romeo and Juliet, I admire the writher if this story, and I it show about discrimination of social position that time. And it make reader dislike social that discriminate posiion. When I read this story, make me sad, and make me recall Cambodia's story that very similar to the story Romeo and juliet. That story is called Tom and Teav. I think it similar 80%~90%, beacause it show about fighting to discrimination of social statue too, and in the end of the story the main characters was die too.

  11. Tomoaki N12:17 pm

    I don't like this story becouse Romeo and Juliet can't marry.

    A double suicide is the ultimate love's form in Japanese literary.

  12. Masaya.U12:25 pm

    I haven't read the story Romeo and Juliet, but In know the finish is sad. So I feel sad only reading the comic.

    In some Japanese movies of Second World War, a few Japanese family do Shinju not to killed by US military.

    These story makes me very sad.

  13. Masaya.U9:49 am

    I think this story is too sad.I haven't ever read this story, but I like this story because so dramatic.

  14. I do not like this story, becouse I like happy story.
    This story is sad.
    Romeo and Juliet died.
    they are not happy.