Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shibaura Institute of Technology 英語総合1B Global Issues - Chapter 7: Love and Marriage

Hello everyone!
Today we start a new topic - Love and Marriage. To begin, let's make a list of words we know related to love and marriage.

Horse and Carriage  As the song says, "Love and Marriage" go together like a horse and carriage. "Love" and "marriage" and "horse" and "carriage" are collocations. (コロケーション、語と語のつながり、語の配列、連語(法)、連語構成語) Can you think of any more collocations related to the topic of love and marriage? With your partner, please make a list.

Now, please click the tab above called "Vocabulary Flashcards". Scroll down and then click the link called SIT 英語総合1B Vocabulary Flashcards. Please add any words on page 122 in your textbook that you don't know to our vocabulary flashcards. After that, please study the flashcards for 5 minutes. 

Our first reading is about a marriage tradition in Botswana. Please look at the map below. Where is Botswana? The titles of our first reading is Brides for Sale. What do you think you will learn from the reading? Finally, please leave a comment. Do you think that marriage must include love? See you next week!


  1. Rikki.T10:27 am

    I think that it is just by loving each other.

  2. K hayami10:28 am

    I think marriage needs love.
    Because it must live forever.
    If it is not love,they can't live one house.

  3. Satoshi10:28 am

    I think so.
    Because I think marriage without love is vain for money and time.

  4. I want to marriage including love!!

  5. I think marriage must include love.
    If marriage don't include love,
    I would feel very sad.

  6. Kentaro10:29 am

    First, the sing is very interesting.

  7. Shinya.H10:29 am

    I think marriage must include love.
    Because the people marriage don't include love don't enjoy our their life.

  8. I do not think marriage must include love.
    but I want to marriage with love.

  9. Atsushi O10:29 am

    Yes,I think.
    Because marriage is difficult.

  10. Masaya.U10:29 am

    I think marriage need love, because if we got marriage without love, we couldn't continue to spend life with partner.

  11. Kenta A10:30 am

    I think marriage needs love because if two person marry without love, they will not continue.

  12. gouki.s10:30 am

    I think that marriage needs love. They live hard without love because they live with partner until they die.

  13. Keiho.N10:30 am

    i think that marriage need love.

    because don't keep without love.

    so i think that marriage must need love.

  14. Y.Takahiro10:31 am

    I think that marriage needs to love.

    Without love, the person can not continue long.

  15. Takanori.N10:32 am

    I think that marriage must exist love.
    If no love, marriage don't exist.

  16. hello,i'm maki.

    i dont think marriages must include love.

    by the way,your photo taken your marriage is soooo nice and beautiful!

    see you.

  17. F.Tatsuya10:33 am

    I think "LOVE" is import element for mariage.
    It is important thing to continue martical rera-
    So I think love is most important.

  18. Yousuke N10:33 am

    There is a kind of marriage in the country. I didn't know
    a way of marriage in lobola. I want to know about marriage. Thank you for lessoning.

  19. Shunya M12:01 pm

    I think that marry is important thing in my life.
    I want to marry my love's girl friend!

  20. haruki12:03 pm

    I think that marriage must include love.
    But according to time and circumstances I might have to change my thought.

  21. Yuki,S12:04 pm


    I think that marriage must include love!
    Because,Want to be with the more.

  22. Shotaro M12:04 pm

    I think we need marriage with love.
    Because i want it.
    Loveless marriage is a nightmare.

  23. Tomoki.T12:05 pm

    I think love is required.
    Marriage is a big decision in life.
    Dozens of years will be passed together.
    So, I would like to know about a partner well.
    And,I want to marry those who love.

  24. Yuya Y12:05 pm

    I think marriage must include love.
    I think that marriage is form of love.

  25. Syouhei H12:05 pm

    I think marriage must not include love.
    Because it no problem if both person hope marriage.

  26. Takahiro M12:05 pm

    I think marriage must include love,because we can`t be together if we like each other.
    Marriage is important thing in our life.

  27. Motohiro12:06 pm

    Hello Michael.
    I'm sorry to sleep in class.
    I think marriage include love.
    When Love develops ,we will think stay together forever.

  28. daisuke.S12:06 pm

    hey!! long time no see!

    i think that the marriage need love.
    If there is no love with groom,they don't have to get married.

    and i love beatles. all need is love!

    sory kidding....

  29. Miyuki12:06 pm

    I think that marriage must include love. Because marriage is very big event in one's life. If there isn't passion in life, it's very boring life!

  30. Takahiro.M12:06 pm

    I think love lead to marriage.
    I think if we don't love partner,they won't marry.

  31. Takahiro.S12:06 pm

    I think that we should get married for love, because becoming a family is loving people.

  32. Manami J12:06 pm

    I think it's essential, because i may be bear that very long time.
    and not interesting,unhappy!
    so, I think that marriage must include love.

  33. kazuki.T12:06 pm

    I think there is love more than a little in all of marriage. Marriage without love is too sad.

  34. Yuki.K12:06 pm

    I think that marriage must include love.
    Because it makes a living together throughout life.
    It is bad when there is no love.

  35. I think that love is blind.
    When we love someone, we can't see around ourselves.

  36. Aiki.O12:07 pm

    I think marriage must include love.
    Because I want to live with one's beloved person happily.
    If there is not love, I am lonely.

  37. HYEONG HO12:07 pm

    Hi.I'm Mr LEE PLZ..be careful NOT Bruce Lee.

    anyway..i think, I'm don't gonna get marriage with out love.

    because, I think, marriage is not necessary.

    so, marriage is kind of option.

  38. Masato.S12:07 pm

    I think we don't have to include love necessarily,because not all people get love. Some people get girl friend or boy friend and love each other,some people don't get nothing. So it is no problem without love.

  39. Hiromasa M12:08 pm

    I want to get marry women who I love.
    So, I think that marriage must include love.

  40. M takuya12:08 pm

    I think marriage must include love.
    If marriage doesn't include love, I doesn't enjoy my life.

  41. Takumi.T12:08 pm

    I think it is the most important to marry with love.
    Without love, they would get a divorce soon. If they have children, it's very hard for their children.

  42. o kouhei12:11 pm

    Marriage was bound together by love. called it was Omiai by japanese. but, bridegroom has to protect your bride and life.

  43. Yutaro K6:24 pm

    Hi, Michael.
    I think that marriage must include love. Because, if it doesn't include love, I don't think they are as a couple.

    I'm sorry I'm late to leave a comment.

  44. Yoshimasa12:51 pm

    I think that marriage must include love. Because marriage is very important event in life.

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