Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Shibaura Institute of Technology 英語総合1B Global Issues Unit 4: Only One Earth. Reading 1: Give a man a Fish

I caught one!

Hello everyone,

Today we are going to start our next unit, Only One Earth. This unit is about the environment. Today we will talk about fishing.
First let's study some vocabulary. Please click this link: 英語総合1B Vocabulary.
Do you like fishing? Do you like to eat fish? Do you think overfishing is a problem? Please leave a comment below.


  1. Shinya.H10:26 am

    I like fishing and eating fish.
    I think overfishing is a problem.
    The fish that swiming in the sea decrease because of overfishing.

  2. kenta a10:28 am

    I like fishing, and like eating fish.

  3. K hayami10:28 am

    1,Yes,I do.
    2,yes,I do.
    3,I think it is serious problem.

  4. Overfishing is bad because too many fish is useless.

  5. hi...

    I have never played fishing.

    but i want to play once.

    i like to eat fish.

    i think it's a pollution!!

  6. Masaya.U10:30 am

    I don't like fish.
    Overfishing is bad, but to do.

  7. T.Yamamoto10:30 am

    I think it is destruction of environment.

    So it is bad.

  8. Satoshi10:30 am

    I like fishing and eating fish.
    I think overfishing is a problem/

  9. kentaro10:30 am

    The fishing is enjoy. So,I like it.

  10. Keiho.N10:30 am

    yes,i do.

    yes,i do.

    i think overfishing is bad.

    because fish is not .

  11. Yoshimasa10:30 am

    I like fishing and like to eat fish.
    I think overfishing is a important problem.

  12. hiroki.K10:31 am

    I like fishing. Ofcourse I like to eat. Overfishing is bad problem.

  13. F.Tatsuya10:32 am

    I like fishing.
    And I like to eat fish.
    Overfishing is problem.
    But I can`t do anything.
    I sholdn`t leave any fish.

  14. yousuke negishi(AE11060)10:32 am

    Over fishing should stop. Some country have peculiar kinds.this kind lost,this country's culture lost.Fish is
    a living thing. Fish is saving!

  15. I like fishing and eating fish.
    I think overfishing is berry big problem ,because I do not want to fish disappeared/

  16. Overfishing is not good.
    Becouse to catch many fish cause to extinct frish.
    I like fish.
    So,I want to eat many fish.

  17. haruki12:11 pm

    I like to eat fish.
    Because it is taste delicious and fuel is good.

  18. Yuya.y12:12 pm

    I like fishing.
    I like fish very much.
    I think overfishing is a world problem.

  19. masato.S12:13 pm

    I like eating fish because it is very nutritional.
    I am also interesting in fishing. Sometime,I want to fish.

  20. M takuya12:13 pm

    I like fishing and eating fish.
    I don't know what overfishing is a problem.

  21. Tomoya.K12:13 pm

    I like fishing and to eat fish,
    but I think overfishing is bad.

  22. Takahiro.M12:14 pm

    I like eating fishes. These are delicious.

    I don't like fishing because I get seasick easily.

  23. o kouhei12:14 pm

    I don't play fishing sometimes. But,when received this class today I am interesting in finishing.

  24. kazuki12:14 pm

    I like fishing. I often went fishing hole in Okutama. It is very precious memory.

  25. Syouhei H12:14 pm

    I do not like fishing. but I like to eat fish. I think overfishing is big problem because I want to eat fish before I die.

  26. Aiki.O12:16 pm

    I like fishing. But I don't go to fishing.

    I don't like to eat fishing.

    I think about overfishing decreased fish.

  27. Tomoki.T12:19 pm

    I don't like fishing.Because,I can't fish well.
    But, I like to eat fish too very much.
    Tuna is No.1. In Japanese Maguro.
    It is cooked sushi.It's very delicious.
    So, I think overfishing is a big problem.
    I may be not able to eat fish.
    It's tooooo bad.
    We Should decrease overfishing.

  28. Yuki,S12:19 pm

    Yes,I like fishing,eating fish.
    So,I like tuna very very love.
    I think people mausn't overfishing.

  29. daisuke.S12:20 pm


    there is a baseball game last week. SIT VS SEIKEI uv

    so i was absent from class.

    by the way!!

    i like fish. my best food is Sushi!! it's my sugar!!

    i think that we must keep fish.

  30. Shunsuke G12:20 pm

    Yes,I like fishing,eating fish.
    People mausn't overfishing.

  31. Kei . M12:56 pm

    I think overfishing is a problem .
    Overfishing gives people many fishes , and they may be soled .
    It's the problem for it can lead people who can't buy and eat fish .
    If everyone fishes equally , everyone can eat fish they like .

  32. Manami J2:32 pm

    I don't like fishing because It's bore and hard.
    But i like to eat fish!!Because It's fresh and delicious
    i think overfishing is serious problem, and don't it.

  33. Yui.S4:03 pm

    Hello, Michael.
    I'd answer 3 questions.
    Q1,I don't know,because I've never fished.
    Q2,Yes,I love to.
    Q3,Yes,I think overfishing has bad effect on ecosystem.

  34. Yutaro K6:35 pm

    Hi, Michael.
    I eat fish every day, but I have never fishing.

    I think overfishing is a problem. Because, overfishing impacts on not only other fishes but also human life.

  35. Rikki.T8:22 am

    Although I have not done fishing but I like to eat fish.
    I think overfishing is it exterminated.

  36. Ayumi1:52 pm


    I would like to answer your questions.

    1.Sorry, I don't no. Because I haven't gone fishing.

    2.Yes, I do.

    3.I think overfishing is not good.
    If we continue overfishing, we couldn't eat fish.

  37. Takahiro M1:19 pm

    I like fishing.I enjoyed fishing in my childhood,but now I don`t fishing.
    I think overfishing is a problem because it is important to keep balances in nature.
    I like to eat fried fish with tartar sauce.