Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Food in Bangladesh

Picnik collage

Bangladeshi cuisine is delicious. I love Bangladeshi food. Bangladeshi food is similar to Indian food. Many Bangladeshi dishes include curry. I love curry. You can read more about Bangladeshi cuisine. Click this link to read about Bangladeshi cuisine in English.Click here to read about Bangladeshi cuisine in Japanese.

Below is a picture of tiffin boxes. Tiffin means lunch. Tiffin boxes are delivered every day to Bangladeshi business men and school children. Bangladshis like hot meals.


You can see a picture of a typical restaurant in Dhaka below. My new friend Mithu brought us to this restaurant. We went to this restaurant for lunch during our tour of Dhaka. We ate curried chicken, curried mutton, stir-fried vegetables, and plain rice. Mitsu paid the bill on behalf of BELTA. We were very grateful to BELTA for this delicious lunch.


Our first dinner in Dhaka was also provided to us by BELTA. We had take-out from a restaurant in Dhaka called Boomers' Cafe. Boomers' Cafe is very popular with university students in Dhaka. You can see pictures of our meal below.

Bangladeshi Take-out

Out of the box

We ate delicious food at the BELTA/AIUB/THT Seminars too. For snacks we had samozas. Samozas are one of my favourite snacks. You can see a picture of some samozas below.

A sandwich and samozas

Samozas close up

Here's a picture of the lunch we had during the seminars. It's like a Bangladeshi bento.

Bangladeshi Bento

BELTA also treated us to a lovely meal at the Casablanca Restaurant in Dhaka. The meal was buffet style. You can see a picture of the buffet and some of the food we ate in the pictures below.

The buffet and the Casablanca restaurant in Dhaka

Dinner at the Casablanca

We went out to the country side. We went to American International University Bangladesh's resort. The resort is beautiful. We had a delicious lunch there. All the food we ate came from the resort. Many fruits and vegetables are grown at the resort, and some animals are raised for food too, including chickens and sheep. You can see some pictures of our lunch at the resort below.


We ate a delicious fruit called Jackfruit. Jackfruit is the national fruit of Bangladesh. You can see a picture of a Jackfruit tree below.

Here are some pictures of a Jackfruit that was opened up. It has a mild taste. It is delicious. Jackfruit is used for many kinds of food in Bangladesh. The seeds are roasted. The skin is given to sheep. The sheep love the Jackfruit skin.

Fresh Jack fruit

The part you eat

We also had some delicious Bangladeshi sweets and some yoghurt.

Bangladeshi sweets

The last night I was in Bangladesh I went for dinner at the home of Dr. Faheem Hasan Shahed. We had a wonderful home cooked meal. It was delicious.

Dinner at the home of Dr. Faheem Shahed

What do you think? Have you ever tried Bangladshi cuisine? Please leave a comment.


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  2. Anonymous3:47 am

    Thank you for sharing your story. My six year old daughter, 1 year old baby, and I will be traveling to Bangladesh with my huisband soon. He is a Bangladeshi native, and this is going to be our first trip to visit his family. Your story was very educational for our daughter and made us even more excited (and hungry) for our trip. Thank you again!

  3. I love the bangladeshi food. My lover is Bangladeshi and I use to visit him there 3 months once. I always ask him abt food before I go there and just now also we were talking abt the food.. Its yummy.. I will try new items this time bnut I have to take along the slimming tea with me so that I dont put on weight.Thank you.. Shazna

  4. Anonymous7:34 am

    Hi there,
    Lovely pics of Dhaka I miss my native cuisine!! We do have all the spices and most of the veggies here in the East coast, including the 'desi' fish, but it's just not the same. :-( Also, thought you'd like to know, it's 'samosa', not 'samoza'...thanks again!