Thursday, May 29, 2008

Welcome Party in the English Lounge at Togaku

Today a fantastic event was held in the English Lounge at Toyo Gakuen University. It was a Welcome Party. It was organised by Harumi, Megumi, and Asami. Asami drew the beautiful poster above. Harumi made the posters below.

Harumi was the MC and she did a great job. She spoke very clear and easy to understand English. Megumi and Asami helped out with the MC duties too. The also did a fabulous job.

The party started with a tour around the campus. At various checkpoints along the way we had to carefully observe the areas and be prepared to answer a quiz. It was a great way to see the campus. Then, many students and teachers sang and performed songs by The Police, The Beatles, Radiohead, Van Morrison, and The Troggs. There were a few songs from the Sound of Music performed too.

The last two weeks were a great time to be on campus because the students were practicing their songs every day. So, we could hear music around campus every day. It brightened our spirits on these rainy days. I hope we have another event like this soon.

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