Saturday, December 08, 2007

Human Rights Week in Japan 人権週間

This year Human Rights Week is from the third of December to the tenth of December. The characters above are the mascots of Human Rights Week in Japan. Here is a link for more information in
The tenth of December is International Human Rights Day.

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  1. oh! really! Mr. Stout!! lol
    you mentioned about the human rights!:-O i think this problem will not reach to goal by current situation. it will take a lot of time to solve it. i know it is difficult to consider about this, because if we accepted the ban of death penalty, the bereaved families of the victims will not be satisfied or feel unfair. moreover, if the judges were mistakenly carried out and the suspected person received the death penalty even they are innocent truely, thats might be a considerable problem that the gov't need to discuss more and more.