Saturday, February 10, 2007

Peer Tutoring at Kanto International H.S.

On 7 February 2007 Mr Stout and Mr Harman introduced students in the 1st and 2nd year Study Abroad Programme to peer tutoring. Students in the 2nd year Study Abroad Programme helped students in the 1st year Study Abroad Programme write their scripts for their presentations on homelessness.

Peer tutoring is similar to the senpai (先輩) - kouhai (後輩) system in Japan.

Peer tutoring is a teaching and learning method used in schools all over the world, including North American universities. Peer tutoring is often done at a "Writing Centre". Students planning to go to universities in Canada or the United States should find out if the university they are planning to go to has a peer tutoring programme. Peer tutors are a great help with research papers.

The Canadian universities below have peer tutoring programmes:
St. Thomas University
The University of Toronto
Laurentian University
The University of Western Ontario
The University of British Columbia
Kwantlen University College
The University of Windsor

There is also a great place called the Teaching and Learning Center at Temple University Japan


  1. Ayano8:55 pm

    Good evening, Mr Stout.
    I taught gently to senpai and survived.

  2. Ciao Mr. Stout,
    I had wonderful time with 1Kaede last Wednesday. There were lots of things I learned from them and found that I need to study more and more for getting new knowledge.
    But anyway, I got fun (I don't know about 1Kaede lol), so I wish we will have another chance to do peer tutoring.

  3. Ayana9:52 pm

    Hello Mr. Stout. This is Ayana from 2Kaede.

    I had really good time with my Kohai. But I want to talk with her again. Because I could NOT help my partner... and I understand how difficult to teach skills or other things. I want to try again this project!!

    I hope she will be good Presentator.

  4. Takehito10:21 pm

    It was a good idea, but it was also very tired.

  5. akira_imai_20068:54 am

    Good morning, Mr. Stout.
    I've enjoyed writing sentences with my Senpai and I noticed my Senpai was so smart about English even he is Japanese student. I want to be get over 70 points like my Senpai. I'll do my best English!!!