Sunday, January 28, 2007

Kanto International High School Study Abroad Programme Special Guest Lecturer

Kanto International High School Study Abroad Programme Special Guest Lecturer
Professor Stefano Tsukamoto
Visiting Professor, Peace and Conflict Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
National Director, Habitat for Humanity Japan

On Wednesday 31 January Professor Stefano (Toshiya) Tsukamoto will give a lecture to the first and second year students in the Kanto International High School Study Abroad Programme about poverty and homelessless in Japan and the world. Information about Professor Tsukamoto, Habitat for Humanity and Habitat for Humanity Japan can be found by clicking the following links:


  1. Hi,Mr.Stout
    How are you doing?
    Thanks for your comment:)
    Do you watch often the TV programme that Jamie Oliver appear??
    I didn't know him until I went to UK.
    Now,I like him very much;)
    and how was the quiz??
    isn't it interesting?? hehe

    By the way, where in the Takushoku university?

    See you at school:)

  2. Hi Gina,
    Thanks for leaving a comment.
    Takushoku University has two campuses. One is in Bunkyo-Ku. The other is in Hachioji. I teach at the Hachioji campus. You can see more about Takushoku University by visiting this website:

  3. Hi Mr. Stout,
    It was really nice that both 1 and 2 Kaede students could have given a lecture by such a great University professor today. And now, I am interested in their work a lot. I really was impressed!
    Also, today's your class reminded me how I was last year.. We still remember the French you've told us!

    Merci beaucoup for today Mr. Stout.


  4. Hi Megumi,
    Thank you for your wonderful comment. I'm delighted that you were impressed by Professor Tsukamoto's lecture. I'm also very glad that you are interested in Habitat for Humanity and I hope that you get involved with it somehow.
    Finally, yesterday's lesson was very special for me. I didn't think I would have a chance to teach 2 Kaede this year but thanks to Mr. Harman, I got my chance. I'm so happy that you remember the French that I taught you and I can see and hear that you have remembered the English that I taught you too!!!