Sunday, January 29, 2006

A Lost Post...

This post disappeared for some reason, but it has comments, so I'll keep it. Wonder what was here, and why it disappeared.


  1. What da nice HATS!!
    Is this you!? Or your Friend?
    Looks like this person has ben many countries.

    Where is da best place this person has ben?

  2. Hi! This is Ayana.
    Thanks for come to my blog.
    Your blog is very imteresting for me!!
    Where is your favorit place and why?

    See you again!!

  3. My dear students. Please don't forget the rules, DO NOT USE YOUR REAL NAMES!!!!!!!!
    Now to answer your questions:
    The best place I've ever been is Japan. Next to Japan is Ireland. After that India. Rome was a dream come true but Florence was better. Thailand was an adventure. Australia was a lot of fun, a lot like Ireland. Great people.
    There are great people in Trinidad too. Paris was, well the city of light, right. However, the Parisians spoil it. barcelona was fantastic. Great architecture, Good food. Great atmosphere. very relaxing and never boring.